If you have posted your Varibill invoices to the incorrect Financial Year in your accounting system, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. On your Accounting System:

  1. Restore your accounting system to the previous state. In order to do this, determine if the invoices from Varibill were posted in batches or if they were posted directly to the General Ledger (GL) (as per your accounting system setup).
    • If the invoices were batched:
      • Delete the posted batch - no restore of a previous backup on your accounting system is necessary.
    • If the invoices were posted directly to the GL:
      • Restore the previous backup of your accounting system.

**If you require more information, please refer to your accounting system documents**

2. On Varibill:

  1. Reverse the invoices that were incorrectly posted to the incorrect Financial Year,
  2. Validate the billing data again,
  3. Process the billing,
  4. Configure your Accounting Connector so that it points to the correct Financial Year,
  5. Run the Accounting Connector and post the Varibill invoices to your accounting system.