If you have products that you are billing through Varibill, but are not collected via a Source Collector or are not Contract Services (e.g. ad-hoc customer support), you will need to do a manual data import. In order to do this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Billing, Data Import.
  2. Click "Download Template" in order to download the manual import template that you will need to populate (Read more about the fields on the template)
  3. Populate the template with the records you want to import into Varibil
    1. **NB - do not forget to select RecordType "R" for every record you add and at the end of your data you have to select RecordType "T" and indicate, in Column B, the number of records you have captured in your template that you will be importing into Varibill (headers do not make up part of this count). Also ensure all captured data is in the correct format to ensure your file will import successfully.
  4. Once your file is populated, you can import the file using the Data Import screen
    1. Select the file/s that you wish to import
    2. Select Start upload
    3. Wait for the files to be validated
    4. If the file is successfully validated, the Confirm Upload button will be activated
    5. Select Confirm Upload
    6. Wait for the contents of the files to be validated
    7. Once the content of the files have been validated, the result of each file will be displayed.
      1. If the file fails to upload, you can open up the error report which will provide details as to why your file failed to upload.
      2. If the file is successfully uploaded, you will be able to view the records you have imported on the Data Maintenance screen (the batch source will be "File Upload" and the Source Name the name of your file)

Read more on docs.varibill.com for more information on data imports and the next steps to follow.